Board of Governors – Secretary

Sean Williford has expressed an interest in European swordplay since leading imaginary charges on the fields of Shiloh at the age of 3, armed with a plastic saber. Mr. Williford found no practical forum for this interest until discovering the Martinez Academy of Arms, where he entered as a student in 2010. Since that time, he has progressively increased his time and commitment to study, and he is keen to help secure a future for the art.

Mr. Williford graduated from Harvard and Stanford universities with A.B. and M.A degrees in Linguistics. He has since focused on a career in the computing industry. An experienced project manager and team lead, Mr. Williford possesses a range of skills in communications, problem solving, and logistics. Mr. Williford also conducts independent research into 19th century student societies and student life, looking at the small-scale dynamics of these institutions along with the context of a range of antique pastimes.

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